Test it... don’t be
afraid to fail.

I’m very fortunate to work for a company that allows me to test new ideas and tactics. Ecommerce is constantly changing and as algorithms, devices and technology improve, you have to implement new strategies and ideas if you want to remain on top. It’s difficult when you fail, but it is far worse never to have tried to succeed. It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.
— Sagar Bhakta, eCommerce Director, Marketing

Lead by example and
walk your talk.

I believe this is the most important Guiding Principle because it speaks to the core of who you are both personally and professionally. — Doreen Rock, Executive Housekeeper, Hampton Inn San Diego Mission Valley

Make it better
than it was before.

This guiding principle speaks to me in everything I do, both in and outside of work. If everyone took that approach to life, the world would be a much better place.
— Gerard Forster, VP/Information Technology

Make it better than it was before.
Always give each other the benefit of the doubt. Always.
Be honest with yourself; only then can you be honest with others.
Do everything with gratitude and humility.
Communicate clearly and directly and take the time to say what you mean.
Give feedback immediately. Accept
feedback openly.
It’s o.k. to say, I’m sorry... I’m wrong...
I don’t know.
Keep all who need to know informed.
Lead by example and walk your talk.
Focus on what is important, not urgent.
Always do what you say you are going to do.
Resolve all conflict within 24 hours.
Be responsive.
None of us is as good as all of us.
Test it... don’t be afraid to fail.
Celebrate success wildly.
Practice random acts of kindness.
Always do what is in the best interest
of the company.

It’s o.k. to say, I’m sorry...
I’m wrong...I don’t know.

Having worked with a client in the past, and knowing how slow the requested dates were, I recommended offering the group rate we had provided in the past to close the business quickly during a RevMax meeting. Our Revenue Manager wanted to push the rate. After some good-natured teasing about pushing rates in January and sales people being too soft, we agreed to offer the higher rate. The client immediately requested a contract without protest. It was only fair to forward the email to our Revenue Manager with an “I was wrong, you were right” note and an apology for all of the teasing!
— Amanda Frank, Regional Director of Sales

Practice random
acts of kindness.

At the property we like to do small things for the staff, like provide coffee in the morning or Gatorade during a hot day. One day I was working in my office and hadn’t had time for lunch. There was a knock at my door; I opened it to find one of the housekeeping associates standing there with a lunch she had bought for me. I was totally floored and couldn’t believe she had done this for me. I am very lucky to work at a property and a company that cares so much for each other.
— Adam Lund, General Manager, Comfort Inn San Diego Hotel Circle SeaWorld Area