The following information provides an explanation of the application process and helpful tips for applying for a position at Evolution Hospitality. If you have questions not covered in the notes below please reach out directly to one of our recruiters by emailing careers@evolutionhospitality.com.

1. Application and Resume Review

  • Once you complete the online application and behavioral assessment you will receive an email notification confirming it has been received.
  • Be sure the email address and phone number you provide are contacts at which you are comfortable receiving updates regarding the status of your application.
  • The online behavioral assessment helps us identify the candidate who is the best fit for the position. It is a mandatory part of the application process but is not the only tool we use to gauge whether your qualifications, behavioral approach and experience are a good match for the available position. It helps us get to know you and that's important, so we recommend you answer the questions honestly rather than try to provide a "correct" answer.

2. Phone/Video Interview

  • If your experience and application matches the type of individual we believe might be a good fit, the next step in the process will be a phone or Skype interview. During this call we have an opportunity to learn more about your prior experience, capabilities and career goals. Just as important, you will have an opportunity to learn a little more about the job responsibilities, Evolution Hospitality and the people who work here.
  • Look for an email or call afterwards to confirm whether or not you are still being considered for the position.

3. In-Person Interview(s)

  • The top candidates for a position are asked to visit for an in-person interview with the hiring manager or hiring team.
  • In-person interviews will provide us with additional time to assess your capabilities against those required for the position and your cultural fit within the team and the organization. Behavioral-style questions and role-playing may be used to assess your qualifications. We may also request that you prepare a presentation to demonstrate your abilities.
  • This is your time to understand more about our organization as well. Be sure to think through the important questions you'd like to ask during the in-person interview.

4. Reference Checks/Experience Verification

  • Candidates seriously considered for a position are asked to provide professional references. We will contact the individuals you list for honest evaluations of your past performance. Please be sure to provide current contact information for these individuals.
  • This will also be the point we verify other important qualifications required for the position and your legal ability to work within the United States through the E-Verify system sponsored by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Dept.
  • We are always anxious to fill an open position but we are committed to finding the right individual. Evolution Hospitality's hiring process may take a little longer than what you've experienced with other companies.


Do you have a question about anything you've read here? If so, contact a recruiter at Evolution Hospitality by sending us an email at careers@evolutionhospitality.com.