STACY BEAGIN Hired August 19, 2003

First Evo Position: Front Desk Agent at DoubleTree San Diego – Hotel Circle
Current Evo Position: General Manager, Hampton Inn & Suites San Diego/Mission Valley

Stacy was 19 years old and had already held numerous jobs but hadn’t found her true calling yet. Her best friend was a front desk agent at the DoubleTree San Diego – Hotel Circle and referred Stacy for an open position on the desk. Three interviews later and Stacy was hired. From there she never looked back: hospitality had won her heart.

Mark Lewis, General Manager of the DoubleTree at the time, recognized Stacy’s potential and took her under his wings. Stacy was allowed to fill in as the Front Office Manager when the hotel’s Director of Operations was sent to open another property. Within six months, Stacy led the team to success, achieving the highest guest satisfaction score the hotel had ever seen. She was officially promoted to Front Office Manager but took every opportunity to task force at new hotels, learning the business from the ground up. Her first GM jobs were interim positions at new acquisitions or hotels in transition, but Stacy was recently promoted to permanent GM at the Hampton Inn & Suites San Diego/Mission Valley.

Trusting in the process is one of Stacy’s strength: she believed her hard work would be recognized and is grateful for the opportunities she has been given. She likes that the company is constantly evolving and growing, since things never get boring. In Stacy’s own words: “Evolution takes really good care of their associates and I enjoy all the wonderful people I get to spend my time with.” The feeling is mutual: Stacy can sometimes be a goof, but her self-deprecating humor wins her team over every time.

Stacy’s favorite Guiding Principle is “None of us is as good as all of us.” Stacy feels that the collaboration and strength in working together is the reason we can accomplish so much more.