Test it... don't be afraid to fail

ED MARTINEZ a.k.a. "Fast Eddie"
VP/Business Analytics

Strategic analysis is what drives Evolution Hospitality, and Ed Martinez is what drives Evolution Hospitality's strategic analysis. The proclaimed king of Excel spreadsheets with a highly defined understanding of technology and systems, Ed is part of the foundation of any new tool that helps the field work smarter, faster, better. Ed likes to start with a blank sheet of paper and a group of his peers in formulating an idea and then making it a reality. He also enjoys Evolution Hospitality's commitment to the best tools and latest technology, and in turn, Ed challenges his partner vendors to improve their tools, always looking for ways to make it better.

To call Ed a perfectionist doesn't quite capture his true personality - anal retentive, compulsive, maybe even a little neurotic, would be closer to the mark. Disorganization drives Ed crazy; like Excel, he thinks in columns, rows and numbers. For him Mr. 00010010 is far cooler than 007. He is currently hooked on Sudoku and is not satisfied until he completes his daily puzzle accurately, without corrections or side notes. If you're looking to strike up a conversation with Ed, just ask him about the power of keystroke emulating. He can talk for hours.

Ed's a family man and his single most important focus is being the best husband and father he can be. He is also passionate about providing his wife and two children with warm and wonderful memories of shared adventures and experiences; a tradition he hopes will live on through future generations. He likes to capture these moments in photographs and has a surprisingly creative eye for great shots.

Ed's favorite Guiding Principle is: "Test it... don't be afraid to fail." Because Evolution Hospitality allows employees to test new ideas, Ed feels this Guiding Principle has truly been the foundation of his success.


  • Evolution Hospitality, 2011 - Present
  • Tarsadia Hotels, 1999 - 2010
  • Westin Hotels & Resorts, 1987 - 1999